"Natsukashii" is a word which stands for the state of "feeling nostalgic" or "fond/sweet memory."

These images are photographs of landscapes taken in places far away, and in places as close as my backyard. The location of each is not immediately known, and is sometimes very unexpected. Each image is a peaceful meditation that is reflective of my response to nature, and is an attempt to re-create the distinct memory that I have of times when I have felt "as one" with the environment surrounding me.

I have been interested in the idea of creating calmness and silence in my work by addressing the thought of collective memory, rather than of storytelling. My research indicates that these expressions can resonate in a different way for each viewer.

"The soft flutter of wings and small shuffling sounds greeted me as I woke. I grabbed my book and slippers and went quietly down the steps, avoiding the ones that creaked and could wake the family. Outside, blanketed by the soft lake mist, I climbed into my favorite spot of the mulberry, a large V shaped set of branches, seemingly designed for my tiny young frame. The lake was still, and the mist hung on until the rising sun began to warm it, and it lifted gently in a salute to the new day. I watched and waited until the sun warmed me, and then breathed deeply, ready for what the day may bring."

In making these photographs, I have revisited my archives and selected an image. Each is individually printed on Unryu Washi paper, hand-waxed, and then applied using a technique called chine colle´ to fine art printing papers.