Warming Effects


Warming Effects

I have been exploring and taking environmental photographs during our unusual extreme weather that we have had in the Midwest region of the United States. Extreme heat, fires, thunderstorms, flooding, extreme cold, wind, and ice storms have replaced the occasional tornado.

I have strong feelings about caring for our planet, and worry about the consequences that we are now seeing each season because of human actions, interactions, and inactions.

As a response, the images I am presenting each have at least one of my photographs of a weather event combined with thematic design features. The photographs themselves are of the earth elements: earth, air, fire, and water, in different forms. Many images start with a photograph that I took of the massive ice that developed suddenly in the area. It may be combined with a fire or storm cloud image from the same season, and then design elements that contain global references to rains and flooding are added in an attempt to resonate with place and culture.

The design features form unification in a camouflage of abstractions that use geometry and materiality to contain complex content. I am using these as symbols to again make reference to the impacts that our actions, interactions, and inactions have on our changing world.